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Black Friday Shopping After the Pandemic

Did you know that according to research conducted before the pandemic, Black Friday Sales fell by 28% in 2021? That means customers spread their purchasing throughout the season, Black Friday shopping in stores falls by 28% from pre-pandemic levels. Since internet shopping experiences have improved and offered more convenience to consumers, in-store shopping has steadily declined in popularity.

Even if sales seem to have fallen compared to 2019, it is possible to say that there has been an increase compared to 2020 due to the decreasing pandemic conditions. It is possible to say that the most expected sales days of the year this year depend on many reasons and conditions. One of the good ways to evaluate Black Friday Sales by understanding the customer’s behavior is image processing technology. You may determine the percentage of customers who walked past your store area and how many of them entered using in-store analysis. In-store category density measures how long customers remained and where they spent the most time in your business. This information allows you to compare your store’s data to that of the largest retailers, allowing you to figure out what you’re doing incorrectly and devise methods to increase visits and sales. Tracking your performance allows you to prepare for forthcoming big occasions like New Year’s Eve, as well as accurately compute your forecast for the coming year.

Let’s consider it from another point. Your store has positive sales at this point, the most important development direction for you should be the queue count. Along with a day like Black Friday that criticizes crowded customers, the distance rules of the pandemic should not be ignored. Customer satisfaction and queue counting can again be made the most efficient thanks to the solutions of Udentify’s image processing technology.

In summary, your holiday sales will be more effective than usual if you can use even one of the strategies listed above. Using the right techniques and technologies, as well as the conditions, many campaign days will put you ahead of the competitors.


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