Udentify COVID-19 Retail Visitor Analysis

Udentify COVID-19 Retail Visitor Analysis

The effects of COVID-19 are increasing day by day. With the spread of the virus, changes in buying habits are also started to be observed. So, how quickly do the changes in the buying habits affect the retail sector in a breakdown?

As Udentify, we examined customer behavior within the framework of retail to eliminate the question marks in the minds of many of us.

With the growing interest in e-commerce sites, those who have the highest share from this increase, sales of e-commerce sites that sell food products, hygiene products, and medical products, especially cologne, are increased. On the other hand, physical stores started to take various measures in order not to lag behind the competition and protect consumer health.

When the effect of the new type of coronavirus on physical stores is examined due to the virus, it is seen that the number of visitors coming to stores, in general, has decreased. Since the last week of February until mid-March, the decrease in visitor count is 62% reduced.

The lowest rate observed since it started. On the other hand, the average time spent in the store per visitor decreased by only 12%. Although there was a massive decrease in the number of incoming customers, the reduction in the time spent in the store was much less. In the first week of March, an increase of 5% was observed in the time spent. It shows that people spend more time in the areas inside the store in the first week of March.

COVID-19 retail
Changes in visitor count and average time spent due to COVID-19

The ratio of visitors who spend 15 seconds or more in a section in the store to the total number of visitors shows the proportion of interested customers. Accordingly, as of the second week of March, the interest rate in the stores decreased by 19% compared to the last week of February.

COVID-19 retail
Changes in the interest rate due to COVID-19

Stores in the cosmetics, textile, and electronics sectors got their share from this decline. The sectors that took the most significant percentage from the decrease in the number of people were cosmetics and textiles, with 72%. In comparison, the reduction in the stores in the electronics sector was 63%.

COVID-19 retail
Changes in sectors due to COVID-19

When the data of Europe and the United Arab Emirates are examined; It was seen that the number of people coming to stores in Europe decreased by 85%. This rate is 78% in the United Arab Emirates. The average time spent in the store decreased by 10% and 32% in Europe and the United Arab Emirates, respectively. Europe and Turkey change in the same way as the time spent in stores offers critical data in terms of showing that similar consumer habits.

COVID-19 retail
Changes in visitor count and average time spent due to COVID-19

Did you check our retail analytics solution? You can start using Udentify that analyzes the customers’ behaviors at the brick and mortar shops. Udentify provides local conversion rate, head counting, heat maps, and order analysis. Thanks to the image processing technology, it can follow the customers anonymously, with which it gives meaning to the data that is gathered from the tracking by converting them to statistical models. It enables company managers to take data-oriented decisions by its management interface.


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