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How to Manage Queues at Airport?

The more demand exceeds supply, the more queues are formed, which can cause customers to wait for minutes or even hours to receive service. In order to gain the satisfaction of your customers, you should try not to queue them as much as possible. You can use the queue management system to best manage these queues.

What is Queue Management System?

It is a system that enables us to control customer flow, reduce waiting time, increase personnel productivity, in short, monitor and manage the service process in the best way. With this system, the analysis of some metrics within the business can provide great convenience for customers to access the service. For example, you can understand how you can best manage the queue with data such as the number of people waiting in the queue, the average time they spend in the queue, and their service time. In addition, thanks to the Udentify notification mechanism, you can inform the personnel and distribute the employees accordingly.

With the Covid 19 epidemic, face-to-face communication decreased and we started to run our business more online. However, virtual queues began to form alongside traditional queues. As a solution to this, queue management can be provided via digital assistants or messages.

In Which Sectors is Queue Management Applied?

Queuing is inevitable in most areas where we receive service. Queue management is used in banking, healthcare, retail, education, government, telecom, airports and many other industries. Using queue management in these sectors provides great convenience to businesses.

How is the Queue Management at Airports?

Airports are one of the places with the highest number of queues. Thanks to queue management at airports, waiting times, lane usage and congestion points can be analyzed and solutions can be offered. It serves to optimize passenger traffic in the best way by displaying real-time information and to distribute personnel according to needs. It is very important to apply to the queue management in order to carry out the whole process from the check-in to the arrival time without any problems.

How Can You Perform Queue Management at Airports with Udentify Technology?

Udentify securely manages data on visitor traffic at the airport. Thanks to the artificial intelligence supported Udentify technology, you can analyze the performance of the regions at the airports and in this way, you can achieve the optimum efficiency of the total areas. Intelligible data are presented explaining the waiting times of the visitors, the distribution of passengers and the personnel needs accordingly. You can request a free demo right now to get acquainted with our technology, which provides great convenience for airport management.


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