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How Udentify Stands Out With People Counting?

People counting is used by different industries for various purposes. It enables customers to develop their forward business plans, thereby increasing their sales. So how does Udentify stand out in the people count? Udentify offers a customer-specific business strategy along with 2 different person count data for door entry and areas specific to its accounts. So what are these two different person count data?

The door entrance determines the number of people entering the store within the specified time period. This data shows us the change in the number of people entering the store according to the comparison date. According to the change, action is taken with the store. However, the busiest days and times are observed.

Secondly, the number of visitors by area is examined. Popular and less-contact areas are detected in the store. A business plan specific to the store is prepared. Solution suggestions are developed for low contact areas. Actions are taken to increase the number of visitors in the areas and to balance the number of in-store visitors.

Busy hours are determined in the store. Changes are made in the personnel shift according to these hours. Customer satisfaction is ensured and sales are increased by increasing the rate of employee engagement with customers. The department design is based on the waiting time according to the number of visitors and transitions between the departments. In this way, the balance of the number of visitors in the store is ensured.

Person count is as important for retail as it is for industries such as shopping malls and airports. The performances of the regions are compared with the number of people in shopping centers. The customer’s route is followed. In this way, while the number of visitors is observed, the performance of the regions is examined according to the movements of the customer.


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