Why Retail Stores Need Staff Tracking?

         What makes Retail Stores profitable? Most of people will answer this question as “customer”. We can’t say it’s a wrong answer, but it would be a incomplete answer. Another factor that is as effective as the customer is your staff. Because your staff turns them into potential sales customers by taking care of your customers, answering their questions, supplying the missing product in the aisle, and informing them about current promotions and campaigns.

         If a customer spends time with the product in the aisle for a certain period of time, this indicates that the customer is interested and has a high potential to purchase the product. Due to the inefficient distribution of personnel serving in the store or the lack of personnel, the potential of customers cannot be used for sales. So how can you make sure your staff touches every customer?

          The Udentify Staff Tracking solution establishes a precautionary mechanism by measuring that the personnel is in the right area at the right time.

        With Staff Tracking, you can get a lot of information such as the Daily/Hourly Personnel Summary of each of your personnel, the number of entrances to the service areas and their service times, the longest-serving personnel, the performance of the personnel in the area they are responsible for, and you can access this information instantly from the Udentify panels.

          Udentify Staff Tracking supports the personnel planning of stores by considering the number of customers and offers suggestions for simple organizational changes. These suggestions have a direct impact on the operating cost by increasing the productivity of the personnel.

         As a result, Udentify Staff Tracking directly helps your business to increase your customers’ satisfaction, increase your personnel productivity, shift arrangements, and cost optimization.

          For Udentify’s Staff Tracking and other solutions, you can reach the website by clicking here.  


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