3 Ways to Increase Profitability with Enhancing Employee Experience

The customer is always the most valuable part of the company. While this proposition is true, setting this proposition as the only way may lead managers to ignore things. One of them is the effect of manager approach on employee-customer relationship. Companies that cannot improve their employee experience cannot provide their employees with an inspiring environment and they use their investment inefficiently to improve customer relations.

Traditional Shops Retain Popularity

The boom in online shopping and the unabated increase may give the impression that the importance of traditional retailing is diminishing. Especially the increase in online payment rates supports them. Yet some customer researches says otherwise. According to the Global Consumer Insights Survey conducted by the famous British company PwC in 2019, in-store shopping maintains superiority and increases its shares compared to computer, tablet and mobile shopping.                                                                                                  Source:PwC 2019 – Global Consumer Insights Survey

So, the traditional business type we call brick-and-mortar is still very effective.

There are several reasons why traditional stores are still preferred.

The importance of the personal assist

Store employees are the ones who need to know the products you sell best. In fact, knowing your products is not enough. They should also know your competitors’ prices.

A good work comes from the American giant electronics retail chain Best Buy.  Best Buy wants in-store employees to keep themselves up to date on the changing prices and products in the market by providing high-speed internet. In this way, it aims to provide quality service to customers looking for the best

Customers seek for personal assist.

As PwC wrote in the same study, one of the reasons why people prefer to shop online is that store employees avoid eye contact or show little interest.

Similar to the general idea that the over-customer-care creates a distress on visitors, also the lack of it creates a matching effect.

How can retailers use this information?

The first goal should be to try to improve the employee experience. As a result, employees play a decisive role in customer experience. Optimizing the experience of its employees and leading the improvement of the customer experience is one of the things that traditional stores should do in this period when online stores offer personalized customer experience.

Companies investing in customer and employee experience are able to charge up to 116% of normal sales prices.

Make connections and make them deep.

Your employees are from the people that have the best idea about your company and your store. It would be a great loss for the company not to listen to their thoughts, to listen to their complaints and compliments.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadalla has put a system disrupting the hierarchy in this regard. As an employee of Microsoft, you can make video calls with the CEO at certain times of the week. During this meeting, Nadella listens to your innovative ideas and feedback about the company. Thus, by increasing the employee’s integrity with the company Nadella brings him connected to his job.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has outpaced Google and has become one of the three most valuable companies since Nadella has taken the position of CEO.

Difference is essential.

Large companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google aim to increase diversity by hiring regardless of ethnicity, gender and lifestyle. According to the study conducted by management consultancy firm Russel Reynolds Associates, it is observed that employees’ participation in the work increases and productivity and creativity increase significantly in environments where people from different cultures work together.

Don’t underestimate the importance of company culture.

Whether in the office or in the field, the work environment is a decisive factor for team performance. In these environments, the organically developing work culture provides employees with an embracing and inspiring office experience.

A few foundations are needed to develop culture. One of them is leaders who know how to lead and inspire. Thanks to the leaders who are hardworking, listening and understanding when things get worse, the work culture can be easily established. Smaller advantages such as recreational zones,  gym memberships, coffee places are also the kinds of things that make employees feel like they are in home.


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