Creative Retail In-store Promotion Ideas to Increase Sales

Having in-store promotion tactics is critical for any retailer. Thanks to data, best practices, and technological developments, there are many in-store promotion tips for you to learn from. However, the main idea of these tricks is increasing foot traffic.

Hopefully, a retail analytics solution like Udentify exists, making it possible for retailers to get visibility into every store better to analyze visitor count and its sales conversion rates. Before, jump into in-store promotion tactics first, customer behavior should be analyzed to set the aim of promotion. 

Understanding Customer Behavior

In recent times, the retail industry is becoming more and more digital. The internet has significantly made reaching customers easier for retailers, primarily through social media and tools that are used to analyze customer behavior. 

Today, customers are looking for a personalized shopping experience. Customer preferences should be determined to give the customers the shopping experience that the way they’ve desired. Preferences depend on the target customer segment. Identification of the customer segment is necessary to be able to follow the right marketing strategy.

Know your Product

First of all, the retailer needs to know about his product. It’s even more important than setting the target of a customer. And, knowing about the product comes before setting a goal. Otherwise, the determined customer segment can’t go further than an estimation. 

After knowing the product, it’s time to know about the customer and decide on the people who are going to use this product. If you want to make a campaign on a specific product, you need to know about the matching customers with your product. Otherwise, the campaign will turn into a fool’s errand. After you decide all of them, you can choose which in-store promotion tactics for your campaign.

Here is a shortlist you can apply to your store to attract customers. We prepared for you.

in-store promotion

1. Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are a great promotional idea to show retail stores appreciate their regular customers. Using the POS system’s purchase history and customer data can help you prepare personalized promotions to send to your customers.

However, it is crucial to understand changing customer behavior at this point. Over time, more customers expect businesses to come to them with personalized offers, rather than giving typical (same for all customers) promotions. For example, if your customer buys children’s clothes once a month, send him a discount code for the next month’s children’s clothing. In this way, you can not only increase customer loyalty but also increase the basket amount.

You may also consider using different platforms for your loyalty programs, such as email, social media, and SMS. For text messages, be sure to offer various promotions than you share on other channels. This way, you encourage customers to join your SMS loyalty club. Offering choices about how you can communicate with customers also shows that you are paying attention to their preferences.

The vast majority of consumers show that they are more likely to stick to a business that offers a loyalty program. Since existing customers are expected to come to the store again, take advantage of the company with a reward or loyalty program to increase revenue, and maintain happy customers.

2. Host Events

Hosting in-store events, creating in-store experiences such as workshops and gatherings is one of the in-store promotional tactics that help you beat the competition with your competitors.

If you have a sports goods shop, you can organize a training event in your store. A small gift or promotion that you will give to those who come to training in your store will increase awareness and customer loyalty.

Celebrating the promotion of a new product in your store by doing an event or celebrating your company’s birthday will attract the attention of customers and increase the number of visitors to your store. If your company has a unique community, turning your store into a meeting point for them will increase your company’s awareness and take customer loyalty to the next level.

in-store promotion

3. Turn your store an Experience Hub

It is difficult enough to increase visitor traffic and bring potential customers into your store. Therefore, once a customer enters your store, one way to increase sales is to make sure they have a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Well-trained retail employees who give relevant information to customers are key here.

When we consider the cosmetics companies, the experience that customers have at the cosmetics store has an essential place in purchasing processes. The customer, who gets the right and sufficient information from the content of the product to the appropriate skin type, is one step closer to buying. For this reason, you should make sure that every employee has professional knowledge and tools to make sure your customer has an unforgettable shopping experience.

If you consider clothing retail stores, you can attract customers to your store and increase your loyalty by organizing a “design your own outfit” workshop. Offering workshops in your store will also give you a significant advantage in adapting to changing customer behavior. For example, Levi’s Tailor Shop not only allows customers to design their clothes but also gives them a unique experience and increases the company’s profits by upselling their product.

At the Post-COVID-19 period, some existing stores will turn into experiencing hubs offering facilities and promoting shopping across all channels. Think of Nike’s shop concept. In a variety of virtual sports settings (including a half-court basketball, football, and outdoor sports fields), consumers will seek to decide their favorite product, with help from a private coach. This form of outlet may be a guide for other distributors due to the forced isolation of coronavirus.

How to measure In-store Promotion Success

It is apparent that it is crucial to analyze the results of different campaigns, promotions, and customer behavior in your store. So, how should you keep track of metrics, KPIs of in-store promotions you have made come up with?

Sales figures may not be enough to show whether your campaign has been successful. When customers spend time in stores and store aisles, the increase in in-store traffic after a promotion is important metrics to see if your campaign has been successful.

Hopefully, a retail analytics solution like Udentify exists, making it possible for retailers to get visibility into every store better to analyze visitor count and its sales conversion rates. 

Did you check our retail analytics solution? You can start using Udentify that analyzes the customers’ behaviors at the brick and mortar shops. Udentify provides local conversion rate, head counting, heat maps, and order analysis. Thanks to the image processing technology, it can follow the customers anonymously, with which it gives meaning to the data that is gathered from the tracking by converting them to statistical models. It enables company managers to take data-oriented decisions by its management interface.


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