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Why In-Restaurant Technologies Need Udentify Boost?

Undoubtedly, every restaurant provides service to its customers. It aims to increase service quality by increasing customer satisfaction by evaluating the service it offers with certain parameters. These parameters, in general, are the busy hours of the restaurant and the tables; the number of orders per day; customer greeting; order preparation; order delivery times; and the average time spent by the customer at the table. When the restaurant has this information regularly, it will be easier and faster to improve itself and increase customer satisfaction.

Most restaurants can access data such as the average daily order and the number of customers with the in-restaurant technologies they use, but is this data sufficient for the development of the restaurant? Let’s take a look at this situation. For this reason, by combining Udentify Technology with the technologies used for the restaurant, we present your customer’s journey in the restaurant from entering and leaving the restaurant, from taking the order from the customer to its preparation in the kitchen, from the kitchen to the service of the customer’s table, and the journey of your staff between the tables in the interface we have prepared for the restaurant to develop itself more easily and quickly.

• Determine whether the number of tables in the restaurant is adequate by displaying the average time spent by the customer from the restaurant reception desk to the service desk using Udentify image processing technology.

• Depending on the time between the customer’s sitting at the table and ordering, whether the number of staff in the restaurant is sufficient, and the staff shift plan,

• Once the order is received, the density in the kitchen is determined by the order’s arrival time.

Whether the hygiene rules in the kitchen are followed with Udentify image processing technology,

• The length of time customers spend at the table after the order arrives, the number of people at the table, and the average time spent in the restaurant by your customers based on the time spent.

• Using Udentify personnel tracking technology, you can see how many times your staff visits the desks they are responsible for, how many desks they deal with on average, and how many working hours they spend at the desks they are responsible for, as well as personnel performance evaluations.

It accelerates the development of the restaurant by following and seeing the analyses specified in the above items on the interface we have prepared. It shows how the restaurant copes with the demand according to its capacity, personnel performance, and hygiene rules in a fast and easy way.

As a result, we offer Udentify image processing technology and personnel tracking technology to improve your restaurant in the interface we have prepared by combining data from in-restaurant technologies.

You can reach the website for Udentify’s Image Processing, Personnel Tracking Technologies, and other solutions by clicking here.


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