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How to get smarter feedback from customers about their shopping experience?

For a company, learning about the experiences of its customers is indispensable. A good company takes customer feedback into account. With positive feedback, you learn that your firm needs to continue the policies it implements, or discovers how to optimize its service. Thanks to the negative feedbacks, you detect the problematic situations that need to be regulated in order for the product to be sold and takes action as quickly as possible. Because a good customer experience ensures that the customers continue their relationship with the company and does not go to another brand for shopping, it helps them to shop more from your company and to attract new potential customers to the company with their recommendations.

Companies that ignore the negative experiences of their customers and do not detect problems in their store will face their losing customers to another company. As stated in the last Retailers Customer Report, customers maintain their relationship with the brand in 2 ways as a result of their shopping experience:

• Thanks to the satisfaction arising from the company, s/he can continue to spend money to you or buy the products of other companies by breaking connection with you because of bad experience.

• Can recommend your company to another potential customer or disparage the company as a result of the bad experience and direct the potential customer to other brand options. And the firm continues with a bad reputation. And your firm will continue with a bad reputation.

So, in which ways and how can you reach your customers’ experiences?

Customer service satisfaction survey rate your experience

Almost all of us shop. Afterwards, companies contact us in various ways and want to learn about our shopping experiences before leaving the store or after the store. With the widespread use of technology today, there are about 8- 10 different ways to collect customer experiences. Unfortunately, there are many flaws in the most used feedback collection methods. Surveys guided by QR code links, feedback buttons, direct phone calls to customers or surveys sent via live chat, post-shopping mail or sms, social media surveys, website exit surveys.

But how seriously do customers really take them?

Research shows that only 10% of customers are willing to take the time to give feedback. This means that apart from the feedback received from the customers, there are also feedbacks that cannot be received at a huge rate. In fact, how many of these 10% feedback givers are realistic and how many can be considered complete feedback. Because the surveys are longer than expected, it takes time to solve, reservations about fully expressing their opinions without being anonymous, fear of being judged, the optional questions asked do not fully reflect the main thoughts and reasons of the customers while giving that answer, and they are restrictive.

So, is there a smarter way to collect customer experiences?

The answer to that is 100% yes. With the artificial intelligence supported image processing system offered by Udentify, it follows the in-store journey of the customers and collects all their interactions with the departments as data, compares the data with each other with the algorithms in the system, making it possible for you to examine your customers’ experiences more intelligently. You can find out which of your stores are performing well and which need improvement. You also have the opportunity to examine these performances in detail on a daily basis, even hour by hour. You can find out which section your customers are most interested in, which they prefer to spend time on, which areas they do not interact with, which area they leave and which area they go to, the optimal time they should spend in areas to buy a particular product, how long they wait at the checkout, how long they spend at the checkout. You can learn all of these with the in-store analytics thanks to artificial intelligence supported image processing system offered by Udentify. Because it creates predictions with the data it collects for the actions you need to take in your stores and report it to you. As a result of these, you can make arrangements in your store, in your aisles, and make preparations and guidance for your personnel.

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