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Why In-Store Retail Analytics is Important for Your Business?

Think of one of your staff members: the one who gives you the store-wide customer traffic with which products customers come into contact with more, which products they spend more time on, and also tells you whether the customers bought the products after they were interested in the product. What would you achieve if you had such a staff? So, is there such a staff? We seem to hear the question, our answer is yes, So how? Did you know that with the technology used by Udentify, you can interpret the behavior of customers throughout the store with meaningful data sets, and this can be done in every area and every product throughout the store?

Being able to read the behavior of customers throughout the store is a very important option for a retailer. After providing a customer visit to the store, you want the customers to contact each product and you make a store/department plan for this. So, can you ensure that the customers contact the products you want with the store section plan you have created? With Udentify’s technology, you can calculate the average number of contacts per day in a department, the time average customers spend in this aisle, and how many customers buy the product with this contact and duration. In this way, you can optimize the locations of the departments you position throughout the store, product stock tracking, and of course the distribution of tasks to your staff working in your store.

Thanks to this data, which can be interpreted easily on the page, you can direct the behavior of your customers in the store, monitor the campaign, and efficiently direct your budget in campaign management.

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