How Does Service Quality Affect Customer Loyalty?

Service is defined as “economic activities that create value and benefit for customers at special times and places”, while service quality is defined as “the difference between the customer’s expectation from the business and the actual product performance”. Customer satisfaction occurs when product performance reaches customer expectations and has a very important effect on subsequent purchasing behavior. A satisfied customer buys the same product over and over and transfers his experience to other people. This creates the most effective advertisement for the product and business. Effective advertising means more customers and more customers mean more profit. In order to maintain and increase customer satisfaction, it is a very important condition to respond to the customer’s needs correctly and on-site in the process from being aware of the product or service before purchasing it until the relationship with it is completely cut off.

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Customer loyalty is the constant preference of customers for the same service, product, or brand without searching for another service, product, or brand to solve their needs. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price increases, shop more often, retain lower costs than acquire new customers, generate more profit, and choose more expensive or advanced types and models. For this reason, it is very important for businesses to keep their customers happy as well as reach new customers.

Customer loyalty can occur by ensuring customer satisfaction, or it can occur within the framework of eliminating the dissatisfaction situation as necessary. There is a relationship between customer loyalty perception and characteristics such as education, marital status, age, and gender. In order to measure customer satisfaction, stores obtain the opinions of customers about their services through various surveys. It is not correct to limit customer satisfaction measurement to surveys only. The customer’s behavior, orientation, and instinctive movements during shopping store valuable feedback about the store and service. Evaluating this feedback increases customer loyalty and adds value to the brand.

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