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Improve Your Checkout Process with Udentify

Most of us enjoy shopping, and some of us talk about it as therapy. You decided to try and start buying in long long stores for the product you are interested in, and you saw that you were in a long line at the checkout. How are you? Do you wait to buy and then leave the store to buy?

According to the research, 86% of those who come to the store to shop postpone their shopping when they see a long checkout line.
According to the same research, 83% of customers’ brand loyalty increases in stores with good checkout performance.
That’s why all retailers want a good cash register queue management system, but how can you do it? In this regard, you can provide queue management with the artificial intelligence integrated system used by Udentify.

With Udentify;
You can learn the cash waiting time with its daily and hourly breakdowns and set up a system that allows you to open additional safes with a notification system in long waiting situations.
At the same time, after the weekly cashier waiting/time analysis, your employees can arrange their breaks and working hours, and you can provide the best service for your customers.

You can determine the minute after which the customers who contact your cash register leave the cash register and calculate the average loss of customers in how many seconds.
And with the Udentify customer-friendly panel, you can instantly find out how many people are in the safe and how long they have been waiting. On the comparison panels, you can also calculate the cash conversion rate by comparing your receipt number and the number of cashier contacts.
For example, in one of our solution partners, we determined that the number of customers waiting at the cash desk was long, and when we conveyed this to the company, we were informed that the situation occurred during break times.,
Then, when we arranged the staff break times, we found that there was a 20% improvement in the cashier waiting time. After the change we made, we both increased staff productivity and gained a good experience of customers with the cash register. If you want to have an extra eye on your store, you should meet Udentify now.

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