Organizing Factory Operations with Udentify

Factories are complex working areas that require detailed control with wide areas of use for each different purpose due to their structure. A very clever, detailed, and flexible operational planning is required to ensure optimum efficiency in these work areas. Accurate analysis of work and need areas in the factory unlocks the interaction between employees and managers.

Male warehouse worker with safety helmet is working with bar code scanner while sitting on forklift in warehouse while her colleagues packing cardboard boxes near her

Thanks to Udentify, you can obtain an unmanned-autonomous and cautious operation system. The system provides a real-time warning mechanism of possible anomalies. It makes it easier to take precautions in case of a dangerous situation with the machines.
It facilitates the management of the tools used in the field and the determination of constraints. By defining the areas in the field where vehicles cannot enter, constraints are set such as how far the employee should be from the vehicle in motion. Precautions are taken by setting rules in areas where employees should not be present or walking.

After the safety and efficiency of the areas in the factories, another vital issue is staff productivity and staff safety. With the help of wristbands provided to the staff, the system instantly measures the productivity of the staff and reports
It examines whether the staff is in the right machine area at the right time, breaks times, and entry/exit movements to the area. The system, which knows how many staff should work in which machine, thanks to the matching of the shifts, gives a warning in case of over- or under-intensity. It aims to maximize efficiency by reporting in which areas the staff spends the most time. The aim of the system is to get rid of bottlenecks and to ensure that the machines reach their targets simultaneously. For these reasons, it checks whether the staff is correct, evenly distributed, and dense, with data. In addition, thanks to the system that facilitates the follow-up of the staff, it is ensured that the employees are in a situation contrary to occupational safety.

leader engineer trainer train worker working in shipping place

The most basic step for factory staff to work safely is to feel that they are working in a healthy and safe area. The system, which allows factory entrances to be controlled via the panel, instantly matches staff with these images if a thermal camera is added to the entrance. A dangerous situation gives a warning. The people counting system is used in common areas, toilets, smoking areas, and prayer rooms. Otherwise, it activates the warning mechanism. Pays attention to social distance measurement in areas. It aims to avoid queues in areas where queues may occur.
It aims to avoid queues in areas where queues may occur. With the system that does not give up the control of social distance, face masks are controlled as well as special personal protective equipment (PPE).

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