How did Startup Challenge by MediaMarkt Turkey assist Udentify’s growth?

After the process, the effect of Startup Challenge was examined with the interview of the Mediamarkt Turkey team.

– What is something you wish you had known before going into your PoC?

In E-Commerce every path of a customer is known which means every step of the customer is being analyzed. It is also well known that in physical stores there is a huge gap of customer behavior information unlikely the E-Commerce World. Udentify sees the blind spot in customer behavior including no understanding of customer experience in store, the limited bandwith and networks that fail to meet the information demand and high cost and low returns of secret shopper programs, in-person audit and zone visits.

Our business idea is to start solving the retail problems occurring due to the such gaps. Our main value promise is to be able to talk with data by making sense of customer behavior that can never be made sense in physical markets. Our POC was going to be about that cornerstone and the main goal was being able to understand every zone of the store such as E-Commerce Analytics.

Udentify is basically built for improving in-store customer experience through camera-based visitor analytics. As the changes in retail fastly come up, Artificial Intelligence is inevitable to be used in retail stores.

– What is the challenge you want to overcome with your startup?

The benchmark companies having solutions similar to ours only have people counting solutions providing conversion rate with the unreal data. At this point, Udentify solutions come up with a different kind of solution based on local analyses. One of the biggest value proposition of Udentify is local conversion rate. Udentify analyses every local inch of the stores, gives number of people and dwell time of each local area and eventually provides a local conversion rate based on real-time data. Leveraging all of the metrics of Udentify, we were aimed to overcome to eliminate the gaps of Retail Market.

– How did you plan on resolving this challenge?

Our plan was having good roadmap to solve MediaMarkt’s daily operational problems. At first sight, two stores (Ozdilek & 212 Mall) were chosen to be the POC stores. Udentify carried out the camera installations and the very first data started to come to Udentify BI Tool. After a process of examination of the store, every detail is analyzed and the major problems were found. Also the minor problems that could be a major problems afterwards were examined and found.  With a 25 cameras and a 6 months project, Udentify took actions on the problematic zones and analyzed with comparations. After seeing the results the project ended in the two POC Stores and expanded to new 10 stores.

Basically the plan was simple; starting from understanding the structure of MM Stores and proceeding with data centric actions and lastly finishing with visualizing and analyzing the changes.

– Tell us about your partnership with MediaMarkt and the milestones you’ve accomplished together.

MediaMarkt was one of the biggest chances of Udentify. After the Startup Challenge, MM became one of the biggest clients of Udentify. With the help of the great reference, Udentify started to make a name of itself in the sector. As a retailtech, it started reaching the biggest retail companies after Startup Challenge and the result award of it. Our biggest milestone here was to be visible to big customers in market leveraging the reference of MM, but the other milestone was definitely to open up to the foreign market. The most valuable talent that this competition added to us was learning what we should develop for abroad. By using the global power of MM, we were able to participate in fairs and competitions in Europe. We are grateful for the participation of this global great power in this competition. This competition caused a great improvement in us and helped us understand our strength way better.

– How was the MediaMarkt Startup Challenge beneficial to your startup?

As a newborn startup, we didn’t have much courage. But when we took part of this challenge, we realized that we were actually ready for our product and we should have started fighting for it. With the valuable gains we made in the Challenge, we were able to understand the market and started to act accordingly. Especially in the competition, we were able to decide how to act by giving clear answers to the questions of very valuable participants. We became aware of our strength and were able to understand how we could improve our abilities.


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