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How Can Retailers Decide on the Campaign that They Are Going to Use?   

In recent times, the retail industry is becoming more and more digital. The internet has significantly made reaching customers easier for the retailers, especially through social media and tools that are used to analyze customer behavior. 

Today, customers are looking for a personalized shopping experience. Customer preferences should be determined to give the customers the shopping experience that the way they’ve desired. Preferences depend on the target customer segment. Identification of the customer segment is necessary to be able to follow the right marketing strategy.

First of all, the retailer needs to know about his product. It’s even more important than setting the target of a customer. And, knowing about the product comes before setting a target. Otherwise, the determined customer segment can’t go further than an estimation. 

After knowing about the product, it’s time to know about the customer and decide on the people who are going to use this product. If you want to make a campaign on a specific product, you need to know about the matching customers with your product. Otherwise, the campaign will turn into a fool’s errand. marketing strategies in retail

There are software-based solutions to identify the customer profile on a specific area in the store to help the retailer know about his customer. For instance, Udentify, which is a camera-based visitor analytics software for the retailers, gives the age and sex ratio of the visitors with the help of a camera placed at the store. By using this software, age, and gender groups of the store and the specific areas that they spent the most time are analyzed. 

If your company has an active social media account, you can also get demographic information from your accounts’ stats. Like their gender, age, and locations.

Classifying the customer according to their age and gender is a potent tool to understand the shopping behavior of the customer. When the retailer knows about the age range and gender class of his customer, it’s easier to understand the trends and patterns of consumer behavior by gender and age classification and set a course for marketing strategies.

After analyzing the people who are buying your product, it’s a good idea to find out the times that they are most likely to buy a product. Is that a product that is bought spontaneously? Or is there any shopping pattern like popular shopping days or hours? Do changes in the weather affect their buying behavior?

Having knowledge of customer preferences is the crucial point of marketing. After determining the customer target and by using the data of the most visited and time spent areas and rush hours in-store, it’s easier to create content for the campaign. When you gather all the information that you can analyze, you can start making a marketing plan.

Did you check our business intelligence solution with Heat Mapping Analysis? You can start using Udentify that analyzes the costumers’ behaviors at the brick and mortar shops. Udentify provides local conversion rate, head counting, heat maps, and order analysis. Thanks to the image processing technology, it can follow the customers anonymously, with which it gives meaning to the data that is gathered from the tracking by converting them to statistical models. It enables company managers to take data-oriented decisions by its management interface.


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Ayse Basak Incekas works as a Business Development Associate for Udentify the Camera-based real-time physical store productivity measurement platform that can help retailers find the right shelf share and store location for the products, avoid unnecessary staff and rental costs, make the right planning for new products and have the opportunity to quickly identify and solve in-store problems.
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