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Small Changes Create Big Opportunities

Are you aware that image processing technology can have big positive effects on your business with small changes? New Technologies completely changed the face of marketing all over the world. One of the technologies that should be used for businesses to survive in the new competitive technology world is image processing technology. So, what is this Image Processing Technology?

Image processing is a technique for converting an image to a digital format and performing operations on it to acquire a specific image or extract valuable information. One of the most important features of this technology is the ability to detect blind spots located inside your store. But how does image processing technology do that?

Heat maps and intensity measurements actions to be taken in these areas, which are discovered depending on customer experience, can lead you to large sales conversion rates.

For instance, in your sales reports, you found that the conversion rate of a product to sales is lesser. There may be many reasons for this situation, and the solution of the problem may be hidden in the customer experience. Such as you may not notice that the product is in the blind spot in the store plan, but you can discover these products in the data provided by image processing technology, depending on your customer’s in-store experience. To elaborate, this product may not be on the path that customer movements are mostly on, therefore it may be a department that is less visited because there are fewer sought-after products around it. 

Various reasons can be analyzed and solved together with Udentify’s image processing technology. We are witnessing similar cases in the processes of our partners and customers. A very small change in the location of the product can increase interest in the area where the product is located and conversion rates to sales by more than 30%.

The product comes out of the blind spot, the customer experience is positively improved, and this is quickly reflected in your sales conversion rates. For this reason, brands can make small changes with the analysis brought by image processing technology, and these changes can create great opportunities.


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