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Solution Brief:
Checkout Line Prediction
How the leading entertainment lifestyle retailer decreased the checkout queues by 55%?
A one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs, the Megastores offer a wide range of lifestyle products across fashion, culture, technology, entertainment, beauty, and related service with over 40 stores in 9 markets in the Middle East and North Africa. With its unique shopping experience and an omnichannel presence spanning physical stores, online store, as well as a variety of supporting channels and services, Virgin Megastore has created a new dimension in entertainment retail and caters to the region's cultures through events, activities, and support of local artists in each market it enters. Virgin Megastore is truly a global brand with local flavor.
Virgin Megastore had a problem with the checkout management; causing them a highly ranged customer loss due to long queues.
Powerful Observation for Checkouts
Studies say 96% of shoppers leave stores empty-handed and 51.3% do this because of long queues. Udentify real-time checkout solution assists to minimize the time spent in queues which causes sales loss if it gets higher. To prevent revenue losses; an accurate number of the shoppers and the average time spent are known to predict the number of staff needed in the store. In addition to the identification of those metrics, a real-time notification system occurs to support customer satisfaction.
The effect of these all provided Virgin a %55 of a reduction in checkout queues.
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