Real Time Customer Experience Measurement Platform
Udentify is a business intelligence (BI) solution and aims at
reducing the need for manmade market research
techniques, utilizing body tracking technologies.

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veri toplama Tracking

Collects the numerical data of each customer's visiting  experience since she entered the store.

analiz eder Analysis

Classifies and processes the collected data to help understand the customer experience.

rapor hazırlar Report

Aims to optimize the customer experience while rendering the data it needs in a tailored report.

What We Do ?

location Store Space

Using heat maps and features such as number of customers and wait times, we identify areas where visitors are not attracted to.

location Pricing and Campaign Efficiency

In order to increase sales figure efficiency, it examines each department's conversion of human traffic to sales. After reviewing the results, our team indicates whether it is unit price to be optimized.

location Dynamic Personnel Management

Allows customer-based staff positioning with a real-time notification system. Instant display of how many personnel should be deployed on your screen to help you make quick decisions.

location Product Selection

The efficiency of marketing products and product display regions is analyzed in order to find their effect on sales numbers. As a result, it determines store-product-season consistency and gives advice on product marketing.

location Productivity Analysis

It helps you find the staff contribution to sales and figure out ideal number of employees per department.

location Queue Analysis

Real-time designation and reporting of the number of people waiting in line allows store to reduce missed sales due to waiting.

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