Get to Know Your Customer Better and Make a Difference

Obtain customer oriented operations by making behavioral analysis at physical environment


Udentify, enables measuring customer data offline as better as in online shopping environment. Every customers’ age and gender demographics, movement/interaction analysis are provided to companies.


Nowadays, Banking and Insurance industries track their customers by costly methods such as secret shoppers which only provides certain accuracy. Udentify, tracks staff efficiency constantly by cameras collecting real time data. This service allows management to keep an eye on the staff constantly which enables to track the time they spent outside of their workplace, their interaction with customers and communication.

Outdoor Advertisement

Online advertisements are easily analyzed to oversee customer data and operation. However outdoor advertisements are hardly ever analyzed to understand their interaction with customers. Face recognition technology enables Udentify to not only provide detailed information on customer interaction but also group the interaction by their demographics. In that way, companies have a data backed strategy to make customer focused decisions when choosing advertisement areas.