Store Data Package

Measure Customer Habits in Store

Demographics Analysis

Age and Gender Detection

Store Design Optimization

Demand-based Aisle Design

Heat Map

Area/Time Analysis Based on Demographics

Display and Areal Efficiency

Sales Analysis Based on Density

Advertisement Optimization

Attention/Advertisement Ratio

Staff Optimization

Staff Efficiency Analysis During Intense Visits

Category Transition

Customer Interaction Based on Category Transition

Check-out Queue Analysis

Check-out Counter Optimization

Real-Time Marketing Package

Rebuilding subscription experience

Customer Recognition

Face Recognition and Identification

Personalized Marketing

Highest Chance of Purchase Product Presentation to Customer

Social Media Integration

Social Media Satisfaction Analysis

Interaction Analysis

Customer-Product Interaction Ratio

Online/Offline Environment Match

360 Customer Experience With Single Identity

Product/Store Match

Product Detection Based on Store Location

Special Day Service

Real-time Experience Design

RFM Plus Model

Analyzing Customer Lifetime Value by RFM
(recency, frequency and monetary) Plus Model

Advertisement Optimization

Measure customer interaction with indoor and outdoor advertisement units

Efficiency Analysis

Interacted Customer/Total Customer
Traffic Ratio

Time Monitoring

Advertisement Interaction
Time Measurement

Demographics Analysis

Age and Gender Measurement

Advertisement - Customer Fit

Advertisement Location Based
on Customer Demographics

Staff Management

Analyze the behavior and efficiency of your staff

Real-time Staff Tracking

Pre-identified Staff Profiles
for Tracking in Store

Undesired Behavior Detection

Unwanted Behavior Detection

Customer Service Analysis

Positive Emotions Detection Towards Customers

Staff-Customer Match

Calculating The Number of Staff Needed for Customer Satisfaction