What are the main benefits of “People Counting” ?

People counting is used by which sector and for what purpose? Developing technology enabled the sectors to see the improvement points and find solutions. This technology serves various purposes in different fields. (transition sentence?)

Retail Chain:

1. The number of visitors in the store and in the department is observed. In this way, popular spots are discovered in the store and solutions are developed for areas with low visitor numbers.

2. Shifts are optimized to accommodate workers during peak hours. It enables the staff to increase the rate of dealing with customers and to reduce the waiting time at the cash register.

3. It is determined which age and gender are addressed. In this way, marketing strategies are developed.

• Shopping malls:

1. The performance of multiple regions is compared. Evaluations are made for rentals.

2. Age-gender analysis is done. In this way, operational activity is improved.

• Airports:

1. It allows customers to keep real-time occupancy data. It provides adequate personnel to avoid passenger delays.

2. Mood optimizes operational performance with age and gender analysis.

• Banks:

1. Analyzes traffic / transaction performance in all branches. It prevents long queues in branches and ensures customer satisfaction.

2. Changes and improves business strategies by defining the age and gender of customers.

• Supermarkets:

1. The days and hours of heavy visitor traffic are determined. It provides personnel reinforcement for long queues that may occur during these time intervals. It gives the number of visitors by category. It enables areas to improve their performance.

2. Analyzes the efficiency of marketing campaigns.


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